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Turkey Deviled Duck Eggs

These Deviled Egg Turkeys are a cute way to dress up your favorite deviled egg recipe for Thanksgiving. Also a good way to get kids to eat some protein and vegetables!

Makes 12 "Turkeys"

Prep Time:15 minutes

Close up of "Turkey" Deviled Egg


6 duck or chicken eggs, hard-boiled

3 tablespoons mayonnaise

3 tablespoons Dijon mustard

3 bell peppers - red, orange, and yellow to make small strips for feathers and beaks/wattles

24 candy eyes (can grab these on Amazon!)

  1. Peel eggs and cut in half.

  2. Take the yolks out and put them into a medium-sized bowl.

  3. Place the whites on a platter or plate.

  4. Mix all the ingredients together in the bowl until smooth.

  5. Transfer the mix into a plastic bag and clip the corner of the bag.

  6. Squeeze the mixture into each egg white.

  7. Decorate with the peppers and candy eyes.

  8. Chill and serve.

A Platter of deviled "Turkeys"

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